Working toward a more peaceful lifestyle.. I’ve decided to declutter my areas.. Do I honestly need all those pairs of shoes? (YES!) But.. to be at MY standard of cuteness leaving home does that mean I HAVE to live a life in chaos?
Do I try to keep things organized? YES.. But, after a while.. Organized messes turn into piles and piles of paper etc that I honestly hadn’t touched in months if not years and it doesn’t NEED to be here..
Is it attachment? Yes it’s also the “what ifs” what if after I toss it.. I need the item?

I found a book that discusses all these things.. it’s almost like the author is reading my mind! (Creepy) but fact

the book is called 101 Ways to Clean out the Clutter
Well, I’m going to work on each way a day at a time.. (If I stay focused) to resolve my cluttering issue.. Hopefully my trials can save you in your personal decluttering journey.



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