Kelly Rowland

Shouts to

I’ve been a silent fan of Kelly since the DC days! WHY? Cause I always look for the pretty girl in the group that doesn’t get ALL the attention..
I feel that Kelendria has always been the real IT Girl of DC it’s just Mama & Papa B ensured she was just the cute side chic.. Is it due to her being dark skinned? It’s possible.. Not many “darkies” got the respect they deserved…
I’ve unwillingly supported DC after the initial four split..

Yeah I’m PISSED at how Letoya & Latavia were replaced by Farrah & Michelle then the fearless foursome became a trio…

Now with the summer being the spot for the highly anticipated albums, “B” is dropping singles from the new album “4” in a short matter of time..

Kelly has been also prepping to release a new album…
Motivation is putting diamond encrusted RINGS around every track that B has dropped & Motivation is a summer BANGER and we’re barely a week into summer.


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