Amber Rose once again…. I’m LOVING her!

Work it Amber!

Sooooo, I was on my FAVE site!!

Well I decided to compile 2 of their posts!
Amber Rose is gracing the cover of King Magazine.. Now, we ALL know that King is NOTORIOUS
for SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAY chicas on it’s cover!
Well, that’s what MEN want right? Sex & Money..
If you don’t believe me…. Think back to some of the HOTTEST hiphop songs!
Money, Cash, Hoes- Jay Z Feat. DMX
The Power of the P.U.SS.Y- Jay Z & . Kelly
Let’s check out my PRIOR post on Amber..

So anyhoo… back on topic.
@Tattletailzz posted this teaser vid a week or so ago…

KING-MAG TV: AMBER ROSE “BTS” TEASER from Billet Video Studios (DnkonDnks) on Vimeo.

Ummm, WOW!! And the finished product?
Check out Tattletailzz for it.


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