Friday Spotlight…. Mr. Controversy!! (3/4/11) sowwy didn’t realize I didn’t post it

All I can say is… Sexy Red Heels!

The dozen installments have ME wondering if I have a fetish.

Adult content.. You have been warned!


my Obsession with feet actually began at the younger age of 5. Maybe it is the Oedipus Complex talking, but seeing my mom’s 5 foot stature and size 6½ feet in a pair of Red Shoes that she wore on Special Occasions got the gears turning at that age. The way that they hugged her tiny and delicate feet, the way they sounded on the hardwood floor and how she walked in them with Poise and Grace. And don’t get me started on the color! Peep Toe Patent Leather Fire Engine Red “Come and Fuck Me!” Pumps. I didn’t know what Sex was back then, but if I did and I saw someone that was unrelated to me wearing those types of shoes…




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