President Obama Vs. Donald Trump?

Pardon MY back as I turn it to the media.. Honestly? What’s the point? I’ve sat back quietly as the bloggers have been “sounding off” and the news has been going back and forth..

Trump wants Obama to produce his birth certificate?
Foo this man is a sitting PRESIDENT! Have SOME respect!

President Obama hits 50 percent in the new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll, but Americans are largely dissatisfied with Congress, its leaders, and plans. (A bright spot: Trump for president!) Full results below.
A new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll shows that while the American people are gradually warming to President Obama’s job performance—he’s at 50 percent approval ratings, versus 44 percent who disapprove—the American electorate remains deeply skeptical toward the plans of both the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and gives Congress itself a distinctly negative rating.
Gallery: America’s Unhappy Electorate Poll Results

Some of the specific are as follows:
• Only 30 percent approve of the job Congress is doing, versus 58 percent who disapprove.
• Only 37 percent support the health-care reform law, versus 56 percent who oppose. But in terms of repealing it, the verdict is split: 41 percent want to repeal, 44 percent oppose such a move.
• Only 37 percent believe the GOP puts forward positive proposals, versus 49 percent who believe the party is primarily interested in criticizing Obama. The president scores far better in this regard—58 percent believe he puts forward positive proposals—but pluralities still doubt he has solutions to key issues facing the country.
• A full 66 percent of respondents are satisfied with how Obama has handled the Egypt crisis.
Given the dissatisfaction that exists and the hyper-partisanship evident in Washington, it is not surprising that a strong majority of voters favor the establishment of a bipartisan process to balance the budget, reform health care, and overhaul the tax system.
Voters express dissatisfaction with both the Democratic leadership in the Senate and Republican leadership in the House, and indeed hold unfavorable views toward both major parties.
The only congressional leader with a positive approval rating is newly elected Speaker John Boehner—40 percent positive to 23 percent negative. Each of the other three leaders has a net negative rating, with Harry Reid (27-44) Nancy Pelosi (33-53) both perceived especially poorly.

Douglas Schoen is a political strategist and author of Mad as Hell: How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System published by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins. Schoen has worked on numerous campaigns, including those of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Evan Bayh, Tony Blair, and Ed Koch.

Now. Obama answers his haters!

I’m just curious as to YOUR opinions.. I hope to have time to sit in front of the camera and video my opinion of this matter..



  1. Awesome. Just what I needed. Can I link to this post from my blog? My readers would love to read something like this. 🙂 Also, if you need me to make content submissions for your blog, I can do so in my spare time.

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