DJ Crazy Ed

What can I say about Crazy Ed?

Well, I met Ed a year ago @ my fave bar!

When it comes to my love

lust, affection for music…

Rather it’s hiphop, rap, R&B… Ed’s hands on the wheels of steel…

Reminds u WHY u fell in love with music in the first place.

Now ½ the time there is a DJ spinning music..

I’m like I wish they’d mute him cause he’s whack!

Which If you follow me on twitter @yagyrlr and I’m at an event..

You will read my rant….. DJ Crazy Ed however?!

He will keep u dancing! Whether u chair dancing, or kicking off your heels in the club….

You WILL love his ENTIRE set.. Including those.. “oooooh shyt did he go there?” moments..

DJ Crazy Ed

Ohhh u don’t HAVE to believe R…. Click to listen…

How can YOU connect with DJ Crazy Ed?

Friday  8pm 2 10pm and Saturday 4pm 2 6pm!!


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