Montell Jordan


WHERE has Montell Jordan been?

Yes!! I dug up Montell Jordan! His voice? AMAZING His fine, tall azz height stature? AWESOME!  “Mister 6’8″ brother” 6’8″

When this man picked up the microphone,

or you saw his video on BET (back when they were ENTERTAINING the Black community) YOU paid attention!

Well, Montell according to “wiki”

Montell Jordan (born December 3, 1968) is a former American R&B singer-songwriter andrecord producer. Jordan became the main solo male artist on its Def Soul imprint until leaving the label in 2003. As of 2010, Jordan has left the music business to become aMinister.

Yes, scroll back up and re-read… He became a minister….

R being who R is…. Found his first sermon…

\”Blessed are the Meek\” by Montell Jordan

Yes, it’s about an hr long, however VERY refreshing!!

In it…. He also explains his absence in the industry…

What are YOUR thoughts?



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