Let’s hit the road!








Let’s have an adventure!! A road trip. Please share either your BEST or your worst road trip experience!

I’ve tripped mainly between NY & GA..

I think one of my favorite trips was going from NC to GA last spring for my girlfriend’s bday bash!

The rental car didn’t have GPS that worked OR cruise control. Imagine that and it was a “new car”

I ended up taking a detour off I-85S to an outlet mall it’s one of the first few exits in SC.

*smirking* I don’t know WHERE that mall came from.

I spent an hour there and of course made purchases of items that I didn’t need.

Getting back onto the interstate included a long road 2 lanes…

Speed limit like 35, did I mention the road was about 2 miles long?

To help the situation “improve” I was stuck behind…..

A tractor


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